cd skipping

hello  i have a rotel 1072 cd player that skips


Laser may have gone bad, everything has shelf life. You can buy RCD-1072 laser assembly for under $40 delivered from AliExpress. 

hey thanks for responding, i bought this 7 years ago and from day one it has been skipping, i talked to others and they said more power, i needed to up grade anyway so i up graded,  does not skip with diana krall but put heavier music on , it skips  

Try a cd damping disc / mat like the link below. There are other types from other manufactures too.

Cd Damper



have you a lens cleaner?

sorry for the shouting text, I cannot paste links, and when I grab titles, it comes in huge

Arsvita CD Laser Lens Cleaner Disc Cleaning Set for CD/VCD/DVD Player, Safe and Effective

The laser’s do get dirty and/or weak, how consistently does it load/read the disc before you hit play? after you try to clean it and get lucky: weak lasers have trouble reading discs prior to play.

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