CD Transport

I’m looking for a cd transport (my DAC is the Bricasti M1 S2). I’m considering this 3 options; Audiolab 9000CDT, Primare DD35 and Teac 701T.

Your opinions, please.

Thanks in advance for your help. 




Out of all the things you listed above I would think the Teac one will be best since Teac and Esoteric make one of the best if not the best disc transports in the world within their price ranges respectively. I know for sure the Esoteric made the absolute best disc (CD & SACD) transports. Teac owns Esoteric and the latter is basically the high end line of former. it’s kinda like Toyota and Lexus with Teac being Toyota and Esoteric being Lexus.


However, like verdantaudio has pointed out above that Bricasti has recently released the M9 CD/SACD transport to match with and to go with your Bricasti M1 S2 DAC. So, that being said the Bricasti disc transport will be your best option for your Bricasti DAC and will yield the best sonic quality for your DAC.

I’ve couldn’t  find any sacd/cd transport in Bricasti’s web page… Do you have any info about this new unit?

@leog2015 yes it's not there yet but we are also a Bricasti dealer and if you would like more info please PM us. We are located 30 minutes from the Bricasti factory.


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I agree with baylinor. I have the Jay's Audio Cdt2 MK2. It's a great top loader. very simple design, dual mono and balanced output.


Jay's strangely absent in this discussion. Fantastic top loader.

The Jay’s Audio gets mucho praise on this forum (A quick search confirms that). The OP mentioned the 3 specific CD transport choices he’s interested in. But yes I like a good quality top loading CD transport as well. Simpler and very effective.