CD Transport Question

I've recently acquired a Naim NAC 272 which I'm using as a pre-amp, streamer and DAC. I really like the Naim sound.

I have hundreds of CDs and am contemplating purchasing a single CD Transport. The brick and mortar store where I purchased the used NAC 272 told me the Naim CD options do not have the appropriate connections to be used solely as a transport. He also sold Rega, but said that brand didn't "play well" with the NAC 272. His suggestions were the Marantz 6007 run in digital-out mode and/or the Cambridge Audio CXC v2 (or even the AXC35 or Yamaha CD-303). His thought was I only need to purchase for the transport itself as the DAC in the NAC 272 will be superior to any DACs found in CD players [otherwise] up to $2,000. 

In my research, other options I've seen of mention are the: Denon DCD-900NE; Audiolab 6000CDT; LEAK CDT; NAD C568; Roksan Attessa CD; Rotel CD14 MKII; CEC TL5; and the Yamaha CDS1000. 

Can you share your experiences or thoughts with any of these Transports [or Players with Digital-out to bypass the CD unit's internal DACs]? Do some of the lesser priced models have the same laser and other CD moving parts where the higher priced options from those manufacturers are simply being poured into the DAC? Are there others I should consider at or under $1,200? I've read sufficient comments suggesting I should not purchase a CD transport or player used. If there's a transport [used] that might be an exception, however, please do share that info as well.

Many thanks. 


Two recommendations -

1. The Cambridge CD Transport is very good - not super great, but at $700 very good and competitive with many transports and better than the Leak/Audio Lab (IMO)

2.  The Cyrus looks like junk - but it is wholly capable and then some.  Mario of Music Room will get you 15-20% off and ship for free.  I own both, and the Cyrus is the real deal.

I own the Audiolab 6000CDT and I love it. I was scared of the slot mechanism scratching CDs (apparently it is an issue with some 6000CDT) but mine works fine.

However I found it to be quite sensitive to vibrations and while it sounds good as is, the right decoupling footers and a trio of heavy door stoppers on top of it (I use the heavy steel and rubber kind) did improve the sound a lot. I also installed a good power cord and a better fuse. Great machine.

My CXC like their subwoofers (had two break and tech can't fix them)has been unreliable- transport drawer faulty and trouble reading a lot of discs my other players can. Display also plasticky. Having said that heir CXN streamer and CXA81 amp have been fantastic

Just to add I have two cyrus players (one a transport the other CD player apologies can't quote the model), both better than CXC imho- great build, reliability under heavy use/ abuse and quick and easy track access and great sound. Also have a Heed that is disappointing (same issues of slow access and trouble reading some disks but at least it still works)