CD Transport with XLR Out

Looking for CD Transport with XLR out.  Will probably buy used, but looking at units with list price under $1000. I had a Nuprime and it sounded great, but broke twice and horrible ( None ) support from Nuprime.  Thanks


Due house down sizing, I have a one owner Acoustics Research CD-1 available for sale.  Well reviewed and highly regarded unit with XLR out.  Refurbished by AR several years ago and held in air-conditioned storage.

I second the Project DS 2T as a possible upgrade from my Audiolab 6000CDT, but am very happy with the 6000, which responds well to iso-devices, cables and PCs

The Perfect Wave Audio CDT MkII has been purchased by myself as a used item in the UK, for very close to your budget.

I am extremely pleased with how it interfaces with my DAC and System overall.

As a model it has many followers who are remaining loyal or stuck loyal for many years.

The link will show you how it might work in favour of your requirements.