CD Treatments-Which ones do you like?

I have been using a treatment called "Last". Now I am intrigued by some of the Mapleshade offerings. They seemingly have two liquids that perform different functions as well as an antistatic gun. Anyone have any experience with these products or others as well? Which ones and what sonic qualities did you experience if any?

Thanks and Good Listening,

Steve Bachman
Interesting! Looking forward to listening more seriously using it. I had to get it because of the name and the nice blue bottle, and RRL's products for vinyl have been winners, so I figured it was worth a try.
Aluminum foil does the demagnetizing. Just clasp the CD against aluminum foil. Learned this from Mr. Hans-Martin of Germany.
If you go to your local auto parts store you will see several scratch removal products. Pick up a tube of Maguiar's Scratch-X for about $5. A lifetime supply for cleaning up your marred CD's. If I find one skipping this always does the trick.

The major problem with Meguiars is that it uses a petroleum base with its' mild abrasion product. The petroleum base over time breaks down the polycarbonate material within the disc and leaves you with a disc with higher block error rate.

Have any of you fallen for the Armour-All tweak on digital discs? How many of you had unplayable CD's later? I did. Can't we all learn fromn the past?