CDP to replace vinyl

I'm going to sunset my vinyl gear (WTTT&A) and I'm looking for suggestions for a CDP that will give me that "vinyl" sound. The rest of my system consists of a CARY 300sei and a pair of ProAcs 1SCs. I listen primarily to classical, jazz and vocals. My first though is a Cary 301 tube unit. Thanks for your input. Dave
The most expensive Naim you can afford. The CDX2 is a great unit and from there it only gets better.

However, no matter what you get it won't be better than your vinyl.
I agree with Herman, you won't get better sound than your vinyl, but perhaps your life will be simpler.

For my taste, I like the (tube) Audio Note DAC's, as they're easy on the ear. Perhaps you could buy one used here at Audiogon, drive it with a DVD player and be happy (assuming you already have a DVD to watch movies).

I had the new Cary for audition for two weeks. It has wonderful bass, tight fast and deep, but has a couple of places in the midrange frequencies that were troublesome to my ear, so I was glad to send it back.

For me, digital is better if it's not bright or "in your face." I will accept less than ultimate digital resolution, in favor of being able to listen to more CD's.

Your goals may be completely different, so choose accordingly.
Naim CD5X w/ Flatcap 2 or higher up the Naim ladder, very analog sounding;
47 Labs Shigaraki transport and non oversampling dac,(47 Labs or Audionote); Audio Aero tube player.

Please don't sell your Well Tempered, but if you do, let me know.
One thing to be aware of with CDs is that recording quality varies greatly and is more of a factor than with vinyl. Not related to things like microphone placement but mastering. This is particuarly true of CDs made before about the mid 90s. Before that, you are probably better off with vinyl.