CDP Upgrade

I'm thinking of upgrading my source and my wife has given me permission! I currently have the Rotel 1072, which is fine. I'd like to hear some suggestions regarding an upgrade and what I can expect by upgrading.

I'm considering the Cary 308T. But am open to suggestions.

IMO buy a dac, it will be cheaper and sound better even using your Rotel as a transport. There are plenty of really good DACs for sale under $1500 used on Agon.

Happy Listening.
Well, I told my wife that the Cary was about $2500, so I guess that's my limit. But I'd prefer to spend less. Used would be okay.
If it were ME with those parameters, I would unhesitatingly pick up a used Ayre CX7e, they are going for $2200-$2300, and since its a recent model, they can't be too old. You will not be dissapointed! Others worth considering (also used): Naim, Meridian, BAT. I personally am not familiar with the Cary you are thinking of, but am sure its also quite good.
Do consider a DAC as you may be able to get more great sound for your money that way.
Your Cary thought might be a good idea as Cary has recently come out with new models and thus the older ones can now be had for quite an attractive price.