CEC CD Transports on eBay: Are they fake?

I’m looking at one of the dozens of supposedly brand new CEC CD transports on eBay. I hear rumors of many of them being fakes. Does anyone have experience with buying one of these who received a confirmed authentic unit?


I bought my CEC TL1x for $5000 20 years ago. I still have it and it works great still.

They are not fake.  The wires inside from what I remember are easy to swap out to convert the voltage to US although you will not get a warranty with the Japanese units.

@nonoise Thanks! Yes, I was thinking the same on the voltage issue. But then I wonder how much using a transformer would affect the sound quality considering the lengths we audiophiles to go in regards to ensuring quality power sources, cables, and the like. Have any thoughts on that?

@rja Thanks! I worry about the voltage issue. Putting a transformer into the equation might affect sound quality, no?