CEC CD Transports on eBay: Are they fake?

I’m looking at one of the dozens of supposedly brand new CEC CD transports on eBay. I hear rumors of many of them being fakes. Does anyone have experience with buying one of these who received a confirmed authentic unit?



I have not heard the Tambaqui but I recognize that it is highly admired and praised. I believe that you’d be happy pairing it with any of the high quality upper tier transports under your consideration.


I must add, I've owned a CEC transport* for years and have had no problems.

* legally imported


Re CEC TL1x. Yes! It's a rather smooth sounding transport with just a hint of tubby bass,  or a more fuller sounding bass. Just a hint though. I saw a few for sale  on USAM.

If there is no Warranty mentioned in the ad copy, it’s almost always a “Grey market product”, meaning it’s either used, reconditioned, or a fake. If it is an authentic, brand new product from CEC there will be a Warranty.
Why not shoot the question to CEC?