CEC TL3 3.0 (Japan) vs TL2N (US)

Does anybody know if these are the same transport with different name badges? Looking at the CEC Japan website, and using google translate to read the specs and see the photos of the TL3 3.0 (which is not available in the US), the two appear to be identical.  Also, does anybody know whether the TL3 is convertible to US voltage internally via moving the power supply jumpers, as is the case with the TL5?  Thank you.
I don't know if these are identical units but what I can tell you is that the CEC 3.3 is easily converted to US 120V.10 minute job by any qualified tech.I know because I had my 3.3 converted.You can simply pm me if you need additional information.
Thanks. How does the CEC 3 sound?  Level of detail, natural decay of notes, drive and pacing?  And how does it compare to others you've heard?  Thanks much!
not sure if we have corresponded but yes open up the lid and take a look inside

CEC products are manufactured for specific regions to comply with safety regulations in each region. The United States and Canada are one region. You can not get CEC products which are out of region serviced with factory parts and there is no warranty for out of region CEC products.