Ceiling Speakers

I know the very topic precludes anything any of us would consider hi-end sound.  But my neighbor is putting a great room onto his house and is asking me for recommendations as to in-ceiling (i.e., flush mounted) speakers.  So far I have succeeded in pulling him away from Bose, but am having trouble pushing him toward something good.  The feedback on these looks favorable, and I appreciate the design principles:  https://rslspeakers.com/c34e-ceiling-speaker/  

If you have heard anything reasonably priced (let's say $300 or less per speaker) that sounds good, please respond.

I have Atlantic Technology ceiling speakers in my office. I have had them up there for about 5 years and they sound fantastic. They are so pretty, I leave the grills off. The tweeter pivots and they are available with back boxes.


If it is $ 30 or less, you should consult some ceiling speakers here: https://khangphudataudio.com/loa-am-tran. And maybe it is a wise choice for you.