Ceiling treatment question

My basement music room is 27' x 13' with an 8.5' ceiling. The ceiling is acoustical ceiling tile in a grid and I want to get rid of this. I'm tired of the "office look". I don't want to drywall the ceiling but I want a finished look like drywall. One idea is to have 2' x 2' interlocking tiles glued or screwed to the ceiling joists. I've investigated beadboard and other panels but the look doesn't do much for me. I've thought outside the box and considered carpeting the ceiling (carpet tacked to the joists? I must be goofy.) and I've also thought about leaving the ceiling exposed and spray painting the joists, ducts, conduits, etc. Owens Corning makes a stretch fabric called Solserene for applications like this but I can't find a store to see the product. I'd like to hear ideas about what to use for the ceiling. Also, I want to deaden the sound of footsteps from marble tile in the kitchen which is partly above the room. Will standard Armstrong thermal/acoustical insulation help absorb the sound from above? I would put the insulation between the joists. Thanks for any ideas.

Some data points to ponder.

The Amstrong insulation will definitely help deaden the sound of people walking on tile.

Use black ground cover (used in planting beds) stapled to joists. Then cover that with wood lattice painted to a color of your choice. Another option it to use plastic corrogated sheets (used for shead roofs) but spray the hidden side with undercoating spray to help deaden the plasic resolution.

Carpet may sound like an appealing idea but it would be very difficult to get it to look right on the ceiling due to weight vs gravity and trying to stretch and attach it properly.
I am not exactly sure of what is it you want,but here is my thoughts.You can fill the joist spacings with acoustical insulation.What do you have 2x8 or 2x10?
Then along the joist edge you nail a continues rubber band of 1/4 thick by 1 inch wide.The rubber band comes in 1/4 or 1/8 or 1/16 thickness and usually 1 inch width.It comes in roll of 100 feet or more.You find it at www.crlaurence.com a company that caters to the glass industry of which I am part myself.Once the rubber band is attached on the underside of your ceiling joists then you nail a pine wood paneling the tongue and groove variety.You can find it at Home Depot at 1/4 thickness at good prices anything over that thickness say 1/2 or 3/8 is expensive and not required in my opinion.Obviously using a finish nail gun will make it much easier to install.You can leave the paneling alone in it's natural color or clear coat it or spray paint any color of your choice.If you looking for the rubber band mention to the CRL rep the "setting block rubber band" for setting sealed units.
Hope that helps
Thanks to everyone for the ideas. The ground cover idea is intriguing. The gears are turning. Keep the ideas flowing. Anyone else have some good ideas for materials to use as decorative ceiling treatments? I don't want to install drywall. Are there other types of sound insulation to put between the joists?