Celestion Axi2050 Horn Drivers - Holy Cow!

All... I have been using horn speakers for the last 10 years after making the SET-Horn to High Power-Dynamic speakers trip a couple times over the decades. I recently changed the drivers on my BD-Design ORIS horns to the need Celestion AXI2050 and holy crap these things are outstanding! So here is the story... A few months ago I heard the new Klipsch Jubilee and frankly was blown away. I immediately started devising plans on how to cram those new Jubilee monsters into my room including possible ways to make the room larger, and yes they were just that good. Then I bumped into a guy that had the old style commercial market Jubilees. They were good, about equivalent to my BD-Design system and while smaller than the new Audiophile Jubilees still very large as both use base horn sections. The interesting thing was this fellow told me about the Celestion Axi2050 drivers he had just ordered to replace his mid/high concentric horn drivers informing me that this is THE driver used in the new Audiophile Jubilee version. The Celestion has one distinct advantage in that it is a single driver 300Hz to 20kHz so zero crossover! When he received the drivers he rang me up and I went for a listen. Only took me about 20 minutes of audition to place my order.

Now back to my system and the Axi2025. Luckily the new driver uses the industry standard 4" post mount to the horn so they just bolted up perfectly. I hooked my Coincident Frankenstein 300B monoblocks direct to the Axi2050 and inserted a Mini-DSP between my Pre and Amps for a high pass filter at 300Hz for protection of the drivers. A little tweaking of EQ in the 10K to 20K range and WOW crazy good. I would say about 90% of the new Jubilees and without the huge footprint since I am using the BD-Design mini-reference base enclosure driven by a Block Audio brute amp. I just couldn't be happier noting that I was very hesitent to insert a mini-DSP AD/DA into my system but it's so much better than my previous drivers and crossover I'm completely over that now.

Do check out this driver if it would be applicable to your system.


I can't find the link to Berts but I made a directory with a zip for all versions of the enclosure, the driver specs, and some pictures. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhlYu1NGOjTsjJEN314TpbliskpDVg?e=z6Y4Kv

Let me know once you have the file and I'll pull the link.

I use a pair they are very good but I find using axi2050 with no network but with a tweeter to be the best way.


Would you be so kind as to repost or PM me a link to the BD mini-reference base enclosure? I am very interested in recreating this speaker.

Thank You in advanced.