Celestion SL6S

Hey all,

I picked up a pair of Celestion SL6S speakers in really good shape.  I had a pair of these, back in the early 90’s.  I always really enjoyed them and thought, hey, buy another set…

I got them hooked up in my system:

MacBook Pro > Denafrips Ares2 > Rega Elicit-R > Celestion SL6S

what I’m finding is the the treble is really rolled off sounding, more so than I remembered.  I’ve put my ear next to each driver and they are all playing.

Anybody have any thoughts on what can be causing the rolled off treble?


I couldn't commit to buying the SL600s due their lean tonal balance, but boy the imaging!  I still remember listening to Peter Gabriel's "So" LP at a dealer, and it was spooky good!

I remember hearing the SL6s back in the early 80s. The distributor loaned the dealer a pair. I almost bought them on the spot! Thought they were excellent speakers.

@kb54 well, I can tell you that I had one of those spooky experiences over the weekend.  The highs are still rolled off, more than I remember, when I owned them years ago.

All I know is that the soundstaging, midrange, and even the bass (it wasn’t deep of course) was something else…