Center channel amplification needed for Marquis XD, what are you using?

Wondering that my current Marantz SR7005 wont cut it even though it will only be used to drive the center channel. Got a separate amp for the L & R speakers. 

I am thinking Class D like Hypex NC500 mono block or Wyred4Sound mAmp. I am looking for something reasonably not big. Want to use the center channel to maximum potential. It is funny but this speaker will probably be the most used compared to the Aeris, which is sad but true.

Happy to take recommendations from folks who are using Marquis XD. Of-course want to keep the cost as low as possible, can I do this with $200 is my question.
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@badaga I do not get a separate amp for center channel. Using the receiver to power it for now.  The receiver's amp section is powering only the center channel.