Center Channel with Magnepan .7: Magnepan mmg-c vs Kilpsch

I have been using 245 SET for all 5 channels. I listen to SACD symphonic music. I auditioned some Magnepan 0.7s and will pick them up in a couple of weeks. For me, these speakers outclassed all the $50,000+ speakers demonstrated to audiences by the dealer. In order to be able to drive the Magnepans I built a pair of 833-A radio station transmitter SET amplifiers running at a modest 1000 Volts and they are very powerful. I drive the 833-A triodes by transformer coupling from the 245s to the 833-A grids and I have perfected this system.
I would like to upgrade the center channel. I am torn between two choices: upgrade the center channel amplifier by transformer coupling the 245 to the grid of an 845 SET which would be necessary if I use a Magnepan MMG-C, which has limited bass, or let the 245 I have drive a Klipsch center channel speaker such as an RC3 or RC 25 which has deeper bass than the MMG-C.
If I choose the latter, the 0.7s are listed at 86 db and the MMG-C at 88 db and three 833-A monoblocks is more quart-sized vacuum tubes than I would like to have in my system so an 845 for the center channel would be my choice.
I request opinions on these two choices.

The center channel should be timbre matched to the L&R. The absolutely perfect timbre match would be a third 0.7, so the further away you move from that scenario, the more degradation is created for the overall front sound presentation.

Out of curiosity can you tell me the  $50,000+ speakers that were bettered by the .7 Magnepans?