Center for Cornwalls

i've got a pair of Cornwalls from 1975 and i need a center for them... i've currently got the c5 from klipsch and it doesn't match very well at all. Klipsch recommends the C7 and I wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences with this center or if they use something else that works well. i was thinking of a diy but i don't have the time to do so.
I sold Klipsch speakers for a number of years and found that the best match for older Cornwalls (if you didn't want to do another Cornwall) was a Forte 1 or II. If you need a compact speaker (ie non-floor standing), try an original Heresy. None of these are shielded however. The sonic character is a pretty close match though.
Klipsch front chnls need to be used with a Klipsch center chnl. Horn front chnls used with a non horn center chnl can be a serious matching problem. Sensitivity is also an issue. Many (most?) Klipsch models are over 100db. Matching this with a non horn spkr is a problem (and your processor can only compensate so much). By a Klipsch center chnl, and no, we do not carry Klipsch.