“Center” of soundstage is left of center…

Is this typically a preamp issue?


system: Zu/Denon 103 cartridge to Lamm LP2 Deluxe to Lamm LL2 pre to Lamm LM 1.1 mono locks to Charney Campanion speakers 


Thanks for any help you can offer.


I have this exact problem and tried many times to locate the source. After a few years I found out (hearing test) that I have a significant hearing loss in my right ear. It’s a fairly narrow bandwidth, but I barely hear anything in that band. It’s the root of my tinnitus. Music that’s engineered with instruments panned wide left/right is fine, but anything subtle has a distinct left of center image. 

Lots of good comments. Could also be one speaker is slight forward of the other

I think I’ve found the answer. I screwed up how I adjusted the tube bias Dow the mono locks. I had it totally wrong. Now all is well. Thanks everyone for humoring me.

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