Cerious Technologies

Hi everyone, I have sent emails and called and left messages for Bob Grost over a few months with no response. I did buy something and I am trying to buy another set of cables. Does anyone know what is going on? I have Matrix SCs and one Matrix IC and really like them.

I am looking for a pair of 1.5M Matrix Damping squared Interconnects with RCAs and a pair of Matrix Jumpers for speakers.



Hi everyone,

Through this forum I have found the jumpers and interconnects I was seeking.

I truly appreciate everyone's help and kindness!



I was hoping to see a Black Friday sale from Bob, like he's had in the past, but he's pretty busy.  I have Lumniscate power cord that I tried, and it is really nice.  Thinking about getting more Lumniscate :-)


I've been trying to reach Bob at Cerious Tech for the past week by phone and email with no response. Phone calls go directly to voicemail, with no message of being temporarily closed for the holidays. The website is up and running but there's nobody home.  Jeff

Bob at Cerious Tech has responded to me by email. I sent a pair of Matrix interconnects to him for trade in towards a pair of Luminscates. His pricing is more than fair with customer service that continues to be first rate. Good listening, Jeff