Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables

Now, this is not a advertisement, just a posting sharing my experience on some well made great sounding cables at a very reasonable price. Besides, I don't think Cerious Technologies is set up for a big influx of cable orders.

But, if you get the chance to try these cables, please do.

I have been interested in the newer cables coming out that are using Graphene as a conductor. SR cables seemed interesting, but I always hated the way there cables had all those extra wires (with the active shields and such). I then noticed an ad early in I think November or December from Cerious Technologies for Graphene cables. I investigated how the cables were assembled and it seemed like quite a laborious process.

I ordered (with a 30 day money back guarantee) the balanced Graphene interconnects, and boy did they impress me. Such depth, soundstage, realism, frequency smoothness, effortless sound. I was truly impressed!  I now have a complete loom of the Cerious Technologies Graphene cables. That is; interconnects, speaker cables, digital cables and power cords.

I ended up selling all of my other cables and to those of you who have read my postings know that cables have always been my curiosity.

So, as I began this post, let me again iterate, I have no alliance to the company, my posting is for those of you looking for an great alternate high quality Graphene made cable without spending a fortune.

Interesting. Bob has talked about not moving the PCs because of the special vibration damping ceramics. In that case, he said they take about a week to reset after being moved. Are you saying this applies to the ICs, SCs and digital, as well?
2 months!!
How is someone suppose to get a true sense of these cables with a 30 day audition?
Maybe that's why I returned mine? They were untouched throughout my audition btw.

My two cents on Bob's cables; place CT cables on gear and do not move or reposition cable for two months. IMO after two months the warm sound of cable diminishes greatly and what is left is the sound of your gear not CT cables. This goes for new and broken in cables.
+1   I don't have CT but exactly my experience with cables.   Only way to evaluate is live with them for an extended period of time.   Quick A/B, double blind test ... are all waste of time IMO.

That seems like a long time. The CT always sounded good with my equipment from the start. But, perhaps the first few hundred hours as usual are needed for proper break in.

BYW, due to a system change I have a 2.5 Meter balanced Graphene Extreme for sale here on Audiogon.


This is interesting.  I just got my CT IC 2 weeks ago and I told Bob that the mid/high were not extended and smooth as I want to be.  He said they will open up and they did after 2 days.  Then no more improvements after the first week.  So I took the cables out and kind of bent them a little bit here and there.  All of a sudden, magic happened!  From top to bottom just sounds amazing and now I am afraid to touch them again.  Hope they will stay that way forever.

I love the CT IC and SC, they sound amazing for the price.  I also tried the blue power cord but did not work out very well in my system.  I would definitely try it again if I get a new amp.