Certified Guitar Player

I have just finished watching Chet Atkins Certified Guitar Player on my local PBS station.

It has a great line up and was really entertaining.

It reminded me of how good Chet Atkins is. To me he just is the most effortless guitar player. It looks as natural as breathing for him.

I've looked at many of the past posts and see many enjoy him also. And so many other great guitarists are mentioned. But none to me seem as at ease as he.

My $.02 worth.


Say, Chet, are you doing your practicing on a harp lately? Do they have guitars in heaven?
And for you, Dave, yes, Chet was a great player. One of my favorite cd's is "Chester and Lester", where he played and joked around with Les Paul. Bothe were great players!
Chet made it look so effortless. He was in fact a pioneer to that style of playing.
He had no one to play with, so he learned to play like two people where playing.
I have several albums and enjoy them greatly.
Chet Atkins can play circles around most of todays,so called "virtuoso", guitarists.
Tommy Emmanuel is a living certified guitar player who understudied Atkins. I highly recommend seeing him live. As an amateur guitar player, every time I see Emmanuel, I am torn between practicing more or throwing my instrument away. Some of his licks just don't seem humanly possible. His most recent live disc is excellent. Check out "Guitar Boogie" on Youtube.