certin speaker makers harder to get dissounts fro

I have gotten a lot of good info here in the past few days, my new question is . The Martin logan dealers i have talked with said they never discount, but they are on sale( the vantage) for $60 off per speaker. Is this true for others who have bought ML speakers you could not get a price break even when spending a far amout of money. If it seems like i harp on money plese for give me im am but a Parmedic and it has taken me some time to put together 11000 dollars. Looking at some of the systems here that may be your cable budget. I dont wish you ill if if can afford this type of gear, I just wish I could also. Maybe one day, and it is fun to dream
And don't forget direct importers. AV 123 sells what I personally feel is the best deal in the audio universe, the Onix SP-3.

ML can't tell a retailer how much to sell their product for. It's called price-fixing.

What they can do is not allow a particular retailer to sell their product at all. But to tell a retailer how much they have to sell their product for is against the law!
Discounting is a disease. I dont know where you guys get the idea that there is 50% mark up.
All you guys need to go to accounting school if you seriously believe in this crap.
A typical senerio.

A store in Los Angeles Ca.
3000 sq ft. rent 5000.00
Electrical & other expences 1000.00
Salary to a sales person 3500.00
Misc expences & bank payments 1500.00
Insurances & other expences 5000.00 { accountant, Computer lease, Software payments, Corporate taxes, Theft insurance, & many others }

10,000.00 is spent before making a penny.

If the person sells 100,000.00 in audio he makes 32% in gross profit.
His expences are 15,000.
Store owners salary is 5000
the rest is invested in purchasing newer product.

He makes 7000.00if he's lucky & had a perfect month.....

We have not added gas expences & return freight charges on equipment that has to go back because it failed or you guys brought back...

Do you guys still want discounts or are you going to pay full price ?

Well, technically marijuana is not illegal. You simply have to have the appropriate stamp from the government in order to posses it legally. THe thing is that there are no such stamps in existance therefore... marijuana is illegal.


Some manufacturers protect the dealers that Smer319 speaks of. These dealers do have to turn a profit to stay in business. They are also protecting their products "good name" if you will by discouraging discounting.

It is not semantics. Price-fixing is illegal anyway you cut it. Do a little research.

And BTW, Federal Law says marijuana is illegal, period.