Cerwin Vega owner

Good afternoon,

I consider myself a bit of a sound nerd and have been involved with music since I was young. I never sat down and put money into any particular hifi or audiophile system, but I do love music and I have a clear opinion on how it should sound.

About 3 months ago I came across a pair of VS-120s and picked them - great condition and all. All I had around to drive these with was a Yamaha amp (Rx-V371).

I hooked this up using some 16-gauge cables and the first thing I listened too was some lossless audio files from Apple with analog connection to the Yamaha from my Macbook. The amp has a "straight" setting with all controls being disabled. No Sub is present. So my playback has no EQ or filtering.

My listening space has all the problems with 1 wall being 3 windows, 2nd wall being behind the speakers, 3 wall being open to a dining room and the backwall (isnt a wall) open to my office double doors, 10 foot ceiling, uncovered wood floor, no speaker "spikes".

No matter what I play, it sounds terrific including opening this amp all the way up. I was expecting this to blow fuses. It doesn’t. I haven’t measured the SPL from my listening point, but it goes waay up. Still sounding clean.

I have been through about all tracks I have ever seen mentioned as "reference tracks" and I dont miss anything from what I can tell.

I would love to add some critical listening "skills" to my very basic setup here to show me what I could possibly be missing out on. There has to be a reason I am 10-20k under "good", but I don't seem to hear that...




Excellent advice as above. The "VS' Cerwin Vega is a fine series. Very easy on the ears, very easy to accommodate. Enjoy the sound instead of searching for fault(s),

In other words, if nothing is broken, no fix is required.


Happy Listening!

If you’re happy hifi is a bottomless pit that will take your enjoyment of music and turn it into misery.

I use cerwin vega XLS15 speakers for my outdoor BBQ with a crown amp. The bass is awesome. Rocks the yard and the neighbors. 

@no_r_way    Mostly PA components. One of the first big powered solid state amps the Cerwin-Vega A-1800-A, two V-B12's and a B-36. Despite the typical PA thrashing Czerwinski's stuff worked terrific right up to being sold. I still have the B-36.

The 18" Vega driver in my 69' acoustic Control 361 was reconed twelve years ago. The iconic 360/361's designer, Russ Allee was said to have designed the system around that driver and credited it with his powered cabinets success.