CES 2015 anyone going

I'm going my 26th year
These are not "Hard Core" audio dealers.
These are Home Theater sellers who may have connections to high-end brands (almost nothing on display).

One thing is for certain, you have a very negative outlook on things as it relates to Vegas and audio. No worries, I've heard this stuff before from others; it poisonous and self defeating. In other words you come off as a hardcore pessimist. Regardless, I remain optimistic. Just an observation.
Really? You have 20 members and you feel your club is successful.

Why not? We started with 5 or 6, and we've only been around a year and a half! We're still a baby club. We're not the Boston Audio Society who have been around for over 40 years!
Hi Davy,
Saying something sucks when, indeed, it sucks isn't "poisonous and self defeating", it is merely the truth (as I see it).
Please allow me the intellectual freedom of expressing my opinion.
Sure, I'm pro freedom of speech, bill of rights, and US constitution all the way.

Regardless of whether it's the truth or not, it's my opinion that you are being negative. No other audiophiles that I know in this town or anywhere else for that matter have the same outlook on audio and life itself. Of course that doesn't mean they don't exist, but I would say they're in the minority. I for 1, don't expect this town to have the scene that's in L.A. But, if you try hard enough to make a scene, you get results. That's what happened with this audio club, which again is still in its infancy.

Anyway, you're 100 percent entitled to your views, and you have the right to express them. You don't offend me, but I'm going to express my opinion to counter yours. That's just the way it is...

Therefore, we agree to disagree. That's it.
We won't be in Vegas- we are doing the Munich show instead.

Yet another reason to attend the Munich show this year! I am curious for some time now to listen Atmasphere electronics and Classic Audio speakers - mostly because of your elegant and knowledgable contributions to this forum Atmasphere. Thanks for the info Atmasphere!