CES Alexis Park exhibitor question

I'm helping a friend who will be exhibiting at the CES for the first time, specifically at the Alexis Park.
I know that Unions can be a problem at theses events. I have read (horror) stories in show coverage.
I know that exhibitors are told that they have to use union labour to move their equipment to their exhibit rooms, at a hefty price, of course.
Have any of you had any experience with this, or know if it is possible for an exhibitor to move their own equipment into their own room?! I would think that most people hate the idea of having to pay through the nose to have someone else move their equipment when they are quite capable of doing it themselves....more carefully too!
I remember this being an issue in New York. I think though in Las Vegas, I remember seeing people move their own gear.
Hi Audioluvr,

Your friend should contact CES and get the full information about exhibtor rules regarding the movement of equipment and parking regulations for Alexis Park. In the past, exhibitors were allowed to hand-carry equipment into the show site but were not allowed to use carts or hand trucks. Any equipment that was shipped to the show was delivered by GES Services (contracted by CES)to each exhibitor's room at no extra charge.

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Thanks for the responses.
My friend has the information from the CES already. I was helping him look into ways of getting around the forced use of Union people and their high prices.
Yes, I read about the no-dolly policy, and I guess carrying the boxes yourself is a way to get around the "rule".
However, I read in one audio magazine this year how the CES limited parking time for unloading to 30 minutes for people bringing their own stuff in....another way to discourage people from avoiding the union, no doubt. I don't understand how Unions can legally force private individuals/companies to use Union labour to move the exhibitors' own property on privately-owned hotel grounds!?! This is the USA for Crissakes, home of the free!

No wonder so many exhibitors go to THE Show next door...
We carried our own equipment when we had a setup in Alexis Park with no problems but that was in 97.