Chamber Music - your best pick.

Be it the solo, duets, trios, quartets or quintets.
What is/are your favorite(s) in this gener?
What are your recommendations - classical, romantic or 20th century composers.

Most played lately in my system is Shostakovich String Quartets.
Others that get a lot of playing time are Brahms, Dvorak and Schubert.

Would like to check out something new that I haven't heard before. I was looking to pick up some Elgar string quartet and piano quintet next. Any other recommendations? Thanks.

Any Piano Trios on Hyperion by the Floristan Trio. They have recorded a nice selection, I haven't heard a bad one yet.
As far as composers I'm partial to just about anything by Schubert.
Tchaikovsky "The Seasons" is also very nice as is Kodaly on the Fidelis Label.


Don't know what you have, but f.w.i.w., here are my favorites:

Tchaikovsky and Borodin: 2nd string quartets.

Faure: Piano quartets.

Bach: Well-tempered Clavier, Goldberg Variations, Partita no. 2 for Violin (the Chaccone movement is the most amazing thing i've heard for solo violin), Cello Suites.

Beethoven: Middle- and Late-period sring quartets. Piano sonatas.

Haydn: String Quartets, opus 33, 50, 64, 76.

And last, but not least, my favorite composer of chamber music,

Brahms: Violin sonatas (3), Piano trios (3), Piano quartets (3), Piano quintet, Sring quintets (2), String sextets (2), Clarinet quintet, trio, sonatas (2).

Won't list my favorite recordings of these, as that sort of thing is so personal (e.g.: I don't like period instruments, but you may).

Hope this helps,

Steve O.
Also Rachel Podger and Trevor Pinnock do a very nice job with Bach recordings on the channel classics label.

Steve, Brahms is one of my favorite. I have the Clarinet pieces you mentioned. I have Piano Quintet on order.

Thanks all....keep the suggestions coming.