Chang Lightspeed or Running Springs Audio

I'm looking to replace my old power conditioner with either a Chang CLS 709 or a Running Springs Audio Haley. The Haley costs about 50% more and also has two additional outlets. I'm hoping someone is familiar with both and can offer their thoughts.
Thanks for your time.
I have the Lightspeed CLS 705 and it made for an extremely quiet background. I told a friend I didn't really know what people meant by a black background until hearing my system with and without the Chang. Good luck on your choice.
Mfoley3 -

last year some conglomerate bought out Running Springs Audio (RSA) so customer service will surely suffer.

Any particular reason for the Chang?

Let's wait and learn about customer service folling this change at RSA, as opposed to making assumptions without specific evidence from this new arrangement at RSA.