Change Amp or go Integrated

Need help with my next upgrade. I have a Theta Miles run single ended into an Aragon 4004 mkII going to PSB Bronze speakers. Interconnect is AU24 and speaker cable is Signal Audio Biwire.

Considering selling the amp and going integrated.
Plinius 8100
Unison Unico
Getting a new amp
PS Audio HCA-2
Rogue 88
Rotel 1090

I like the Aragon but am looking for tighter bass and a cleaned up/refined/musical mid/highs.
A Musical Fidelity A3cr was punchy but lacked the bass foundation of the Aragon. Mids/highs were ok.
An Adcom 8502 had much better mids/high-more detail,transparent.The bass though was less prominent.
I liked the Aragon betterthan the above amps.

Should I keep the Aragon and get dedicated lines?

My concern with an integrated is the lack of power. Even felt this was a problem with the Musical Fidelity.

Looking to spend $1200.00 max.

Any other options appreciated!!!
You are only going to get so far with those PSB Bronze speakers. They are pretty loose on the bass end and the highs are pretyy raggedy.

I think that for the money you can get a nice integrated. I would go for tubes.

I would really spend some time checking out some speakers. I have some speaekers and have found them to be very impressive. They use transmission line loaded bass that is very deep and accurate. I have their JTM model with the Jordan driver and they easily better my previous $6000 audio Physic's.

Thier 2 ways use a very transparent series crossover design. They are pretty easy to drive and would work great with an integrated.
Ok I've had 3 of those amps! I found the Aragon MkI pretty lifeless on a pair of a/d/s 1290 towers. The Rogue is a nice tube amp for the money; somewhat forward for tubes and decent bass. Very nice midrange, highs are not as refined. The PS HCA2 needs breaking in and benefits from being left on (it runs very cool). Mine sounded terrible for the first few weeks, now sounds great, dynamic and lots of bass running with Tyler Ref monitors and AES DJH pre, Anthem CD1 player.
I can't say how it would sound in your system but the PS is staying in mine for a while.