Changes in my life, new system, need new speakers

So I have moved into a new place, and have a very very small family room. Also got hit by a power surge and were taken out. I am working with insurance (slow) and manufactures (ever slower). But for now I have gone from an Audio Research LS5 MK III and Odyssey Kismet mono blocks. To an NAD M12 and M32 which I have 0 complaints about even coming from tubes and Class A’s the NAD Masters series just sounds amazing to me. But this new sleek looking system in my modern family room is kind of an eye sore with my current JM Lab Mini Utopia speakers. Now by no means am I giving up my Mini Utopia’s they will go with the Audio Research and Kistmet’s when I get a bigger place. For now I am going to the NAD stuff because I really like it and I want a small sleek amazing sounding bookshelf to go with the setup.

I was looking at the LS50 Meta initially but I do have the budget for more. Then I was looking at the Monitor Audio Gold 100 5g which used is right in my $2500 budget.

I listen to everything but mainly Classical, Jazz, and Rock and whichever bookshelf I pick will be matched with an SVS 3000 Micro

I am not looking for you to make a decision for me. I am looking for amazing sounding bookshelf speakers in my $2500 budget (used speaker budget) or if i am better off keeping the Mini Utopias for now.  If I do find something it would be nice if they were a step up from the Mini Utopias.   I will do my own research and testing, just looking for speakers people recommend and the reason why. Then this summer when I get a house I will have two amazing systems.


@justinrphillips I'm in the same boat as you in terms of finding something better than what I have but as speakers are more obscure or get older, it's hard to find comparisons with what is currently available. 

For example, I went to go a local audio store to test out the Proac D2Rs which seem to be really great speakers. While they sounded pretty good in the treated audio room with a decent front end, they still did not beat the SB Acoustic Ara that I've been using over the past year. It's possible that the synergy is much better in my system or it could just be that the value of DIY is 2-3x. 

If you're looking for something interesting and good value for the money, I'd recommend something DIY or from a smaller company like the Fritz or SB Acoustics or BMR, etc. Those are gonna be great and within your budget. I'm willing to bet that an SB Acoustics ARA at the current discounted price will run circles around an LS50.

@driftingbunnies thanks for your post.  Never thought about the DIY route.  There are some nice drivers and crossovers out there.  Honestly I want something that looks cool too.



I can whole heartedly recommend Buchardt Audio S400 MkIIs. I've had them for 9 months, and I've not regretted the purchase. Great sound stage (deep and wide), excellent instrument separation, vocals are lush and sweet, highs are clear and revealing but never sibilant or irritating, and very easy to place.

Must be aware of: need to be able to be place nearer the wall....18" or so, 88db efficient at 4 ohms so you need some power (your NAD should have no issues, and if you're a bass'll need a sub.

$2,200 a pair, free shipping, and 45 return policy.....highly recommend, and there are loads of reviews for you to go through

I had an NAD M33 with Monitor Audio Gold 100 speakers and they sounded and looked great!