Changes to the Watt/Puppy System 8

Does anyone know what changes Wilson has made to the new Watt Puppy System 8?
I have been able to find that they will ship towards the end of June, and they will be $4000 more than the system 7.
Velo62: mainly that it's a lot more expensive than the old one... Ya gotta love Wilson Audio.
I would love wilson if they would get away from the titanium. Wonder what the beef of those hong kong sellers were.
I have been a fan of the watt puppy 7, so this is not a criticism, but it seems to me that continued price increases on the watt puppy platform may significantly diminish sales. If I understand correctly, the w/p has worked its way up from around 10k and w/p 8 to over 26k. It seems that there is only so big of a market to pay such a price for such a small speaker. I mean that if someone has 26k to pay they probably have 45k (or whatever the current maxx 2 price)to go up the product line. For those who have a more modest budget, the sophia is the obvious choice. It is touted that the w/p is "the largest selling over 10k speaker", but I don't see how that could continue if the trend continues and the w/p 10 is 40k.
They posted an ad in the Absolute Sound indicating that they underprice their products. I have Wilson 7s-but as Bigsam2 has indicated, there is a limit to what I can spend and still feed the family. They may force potential Wilson buyers to look at other products just to see what the "value" really is.