Channel D Lino C vs. Sutherland Little Loco

Did anybody have chance to compare above two phono stages?
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I use a Aidas Durawood mostly.  And I recognize a to good a deal.  I just bough the Rada.  I would like to spend a little more time dialing in my vinyl.  I sort of like to handle the media.  And I like the music to end after 20 minutes. 

Call me a flip flopper.  I'm sticking with just the lino 3.3.  It works flawless.  Its very quiet.  Its very musical.  It's all I need to have very good vinyl.

I really appreciate what transimpedance does for an optimal LOMC pickup.

I’ve been using one version or another of the Loco for probably close to 5 years.

For all my friends who’s systems demand a true balanced signal, I always recommend Channel D with zero regrets.

For those with a killer Tube based MM (simple) phono preamp there’s always the Sutherland SUTz transimpedance head-amp 🤩