Channel Islands D-100 Amplifier

Has anyone had an opportunity to listen to this amp yet? It looks very interesting ( but I'd grateful for any first hand impressions. I'm looking to use two of these monoblocks for the front two channels of a multi-channel system, using a Marantz SR9300 receiver as the preamp, to improve two-channel stereo performance.
We're working on a RF remote controlled passive preamp with 4 inputs, a tape loop and 2 pair of output jacks. I don't believe in the pass-thru idea because if you play your hifi and forget you're in HT bypass, the volume is full blast and can cause damage. With a remote passive, just turn the volume all the way up when going into the home theater system.

D-200 is getting close to production. I'll post details and performance graphs in a day or two at our Audio Circle Forum.

I thought the idea with a HT pass-through is that when the HT input is selected the AV receiver's volume control is used - the preamp's volume dial would not need to move. Once you switched from the HT input to a different input, such as CD, the preamp's volume control would kick back in. Throughout the process they'd be no need for the preamp's volume to be on full.
Gunbei, I think my future is now.
When a pair of small mono amps run this cool, cost so little, do so much, it makes me take note of the price/performance issue in a major way.
I can't wait to see what the D-200's will do.
Rx8man, that's awesome! Let us know how they shape up for you. What will you be comparing them to?