Chapman Speakers?

Chapman is on my short list for my next speaker purchase.
My hope is to get some impressions from those who have had some direct experience with any of their models.
Other speakers of similar design will be considered upon recommendations received.
I remain deeply satisfied with my T77SE's after nearly eight years. Long tenure for me. Haven't heard anything I'd rather have unless out of reach, like the Sonus Faber's last week that made me weep. But they were $76K. I could cry. Guess I'll just look into an update from Stuart.
Stuart is offering a custom wood cosmetic version of the T7 and T5.

I don't know if this is available as a "kit" or upgrade, but from the photos I've seen, it looks lovely. His woodworker is a local artisan, and as far as I can tell, there's little profit for Stuart in this cosmetic upgrade.

IMO, Chapman speakers have always been about the music and very long-term listening pleasure rather than extraneous considerations such as cosmetics and other shiny parts. Isn't this hobby of ours all about the MUSIC?

Stuart builds speakers for music lovers, not for members of the "speaker of the month club."
I think I can get past the aesthetics of the Chapmans as long as I feel they will satisfy my musical expectations.
I am considering the latest T-7 model but the T-5 value/performance also has to be taken into account.

Any further input would be appreciated. Also any similar type speakers between $5000 to $10000 that in your opinion compare well at or above Chapmans assumed potential.
Twoleftears, What other speakers drew you into the music better than the T-5s?
Twoleftears, What other speakers drew you into the music better than the T-5s?