Charlotte, NC

I was surprised to see 34 posts in a San Antonio, Tx chapter and Charlotte not even be on the list.

Well we are here now so lets see what transpires………
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Hey Matt my name is Dave I live in Knoxville I am looking for a McIntosh mr 85 maybe 87 if you know of someone could you please send me a email  thanks very much I am new to audiogon  and hope I
did not do nothing wrongnot do nothing
wrong thanks so much
@audiodaveg if you send an email to, attention: Tammy I'll send you instructions on creating a Wanted ad for the McIntosh MR 85.
Hi Dave,

You did nothing wrong......nice to see that Tammy from AGON support is going to show you how to create a wanted ad.  I don't know anyone who has McIntosh gear so if you don't see it listed on AGON or any of the other used audio sites the wanted Ad would be your best bet.