Chassis grounding

I see the Shunyata Altaira has been getting a lot of positive press lately. I am wondering if any members have compared  no chassis grounding to DIY chassis grounding, and subsequently to the Altaira?


I do own an Entreq unit connected to the signal ground (rca) that I use (just on my digital), and I also have a Russ Andrews grounding unit connected to the chassis ground. Both of these units did increase the depth and realism. So, I do think these grounding units are a good upgrade.

I tried out the Altaira’s (without the other grounding units I mentioned), and I got lots of hum! Every time, everywhere within my system I got hum. So, I sent it back.

Perhaps the unit I tried was defective but just a word of caution, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!



While I have no direct experience with Altaira, I have tried other grounding methods, both signal and chassis. IME, the effectiveness of a XYX brand and methodology is very system dependent and end user ability to appreciate audible differences. For example, Nordost grounding netted very little but still noticeable noise reduction in my system. Entreq and Acoustic Revive (both uses minerals) were on another level in my system. A significant boost in realism, depth perception and noise reduction. In any case, the effects of proper grounding (not to be confused with AC grounding) as @jea48 pointed out are very real! Once you hear them, you will not go back to listening without it.

As ozzy said, try before you buy. If you’re a DIY type of guy, by all means try.

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I am going to have a listen to that system on the 5th of March.

Are you in the Seattle area by chance?

How would you rate your home’s a/c power currently?

Are you using a conditioner currently?