Cheap $88 Sony SS-CS5 Speakers - Awesome

I have been working on refreshing the power supply on my 1979 vintage EAR 509 amps.  Found cracked/bulged caps and wanted be proactive.   Absolutely stunning amps. Lifetime keepers.

Wanted a cheap set of workbench speakers for trialing so I didn't blow my main speakers if made a mistake.  Vintage amp repair/update what a pain with bulged caps/ broken wires, undersized fuses from past owners and non-stock circuit changes.  Shout out to Dan Meinwald and EAR UK for absolutely superb customer support. 

Anyways picked up a cheap set of $88 Sony sale speakers at my local to me ABT electronics.  SS-CS5 3 way bookshelf.  One ebay LX5 speaker i got either blew or had a bad woofer during my testing.  So I needed something. 

What a surprise, the cheap Sony's just sound great.  They don't even break down on bass drum kicks.  Sweet, detailed sound and are just rocking.  They go fairly loud though I don't listen loud.  I am listening through a Linn Axis with Ittok/Sumiko Talisman (superb table, really) EAR 868PL and the vintage EAR 509.   They are on stands 4 feet apart nearfield (cause amp burn in).

The speakers are incredible bargain for what they are.  Enjoying my burn in session immensely. Maybe I found a sleeper. To some of you maybe I didn't.  These are too good for bench test speakers I think.  Might want to give them a try.
One other note. I am listening to classical music.  Jaw dropping. Bass, dynamics, drums hit me in the chest.  At crescendos they don't break a sweat.  Never heard such small speakers do classical music justice.  Just overwhelming for cheap speakers.  Need find new bench speakers.

I checked on amazon reviews I guess others agree.
Great to know that such quality can be had for so little.

More than a few folks have suggested that the real sonic improvements over the last 40/50 years have mostly been at the budget end.

Should also help keep the opposition on their toes.

I mean if this is what you can get for <$100, then what should you expect for $1k, $2k, $4k or even $8k?
A lot of the YouTube reviewers have been raving about these little guys. Cheap speaker technology has drastically improved over the last few years.
Sony makes some very high volume, inexpensive, but good loudspeakers. A perfect starting place for young people to assemble a music system.  
Ha!!!  I just got a pair yesterday, nice timing.

I haven't listened to them yet, they are sitting her on my desk as they will be a nearfield desktop setup.  Got a cheap class D amp that's coming in today that I will feed straight from my iMac for now or might hook up a topping D50 that I have.  Can't wait to test them out.