Cheap $88 Sony SS-CS5 Speakers - Awesome

I have been working on refreshing the power supply on my 1979 vintage EAR 509 amps.  Found cracked/bulged caps and wanted be proactive.   Absolutely stunning amps. Lifetime keepers.

Wanted a cheap set of workbench speakers for trialing so I didn't blow my main speakers if made a mistake.  Vintage amp repair/update what a pain with bulged caps/ broken wires, undersized fuses from past owners and non-stock circuit changes.  Shout out to Dan Meinwald and EAR UK for absolutely superb customer support. 

Anyways picked up a cheap set of $88 Sony sale speakers at my local to me ABT electronics.  SS-CS5 3 way bookshelf.  One ebay LX5 speaker i got either blew or had a bad woofer during my testing.  So I needed something. 

What a surprise, the cheap Sony's just sound great.  They don't even break down on bass drum kicks.  Sweet, detailed sound and are just rocking.  They go fairly loud though I don't listen loud.  I am listening through a Linn Axis with Ittok/Sumiko Talisman (superb table, really) EAR 868PL and the vintage EAR 509.   They are on stands 4 feet apart nearfield (cause amp burn in).

The speakers are incredible bargain for what they are.  Enjoying my burn in session immensely. Maybe I found a sleeper. To some of you maybe I didn't.  These are too good for bench test speakers I think.  Might want to give them a try.
@arch2 take them back and get them on Amazon for $88!

but yes, they are outstanding speakers. Mine are breaking in right now. I would put these up against anything under $300. 
I tried them. They were too bright and crisp for me in near field. A lot more clarity than Pioneer BS-22, but I enjoyed the Pioneer’s warm tone more. 
In far field I think I would have liked them more. Still impressive for $100 any way you look at it. 
blkwrxwgn, I think I missed the boat on Amazon too. Those are showing $118. The thing that is so amazing with these is not that they sound like a Wilson speaker (they don't) but you expect them to sound like a $118 Sony speaker, and they don't. They look like they should be attached to a boom box.

Another impressed owner here, feeding them with the Schiit Vidar and Freya.  The imaging is really good!  Warmth with detailed highs, a neat trick there.  The budget speaker market has really improved in the last several years.


I've got a pair of the old Pioneer BS-22 that i'd been somewhat unimpressed with and left them in storage.  I recently took them apart and soldered all the interior connections, which has changed my mind on them.  I might just try that with these Sonys.


Thank You for the report. Over the years, Sony, has been known to build a few "sleeper" loudspeakers.

This goes for Car Audio applications as well.

Happy Listening!