cheap/decent speaker cable and interconnect advice

I'm currently putting together my "second-system" made mostly of old components that either I or my father had. The system will likely be as follows: (1) KEF 103.2 speakers; (2) either a NAD 521i or Exposure (circa 1997) CD player; (3)NAD 320BEE integrated amp.

I have a set of fairly decent Van den hul speaker cables. The cable ends, however, are bare/exposed wire (if that is the proper terminology). The KEF speakers appear to need either very very think exposed speaker wire ends, or perhaps some type of pin-connection (the connection hole on the speaker is much smaller in diameter than a banana plug like I use on my Wharfedale speakers).


(1) Can I retrofit my current speaker cables with pin connectors? Is that easy/cheap/smart ?

(2) If not, any recommendations on decent, but inexpensive (value over sound quality) speaker cables with pin connectors?

(3) Any recommendations on a decent, but inexpensive (again, value over sound quality) cd/amp interconnects?

Hi-yes, you can put pin connectors on your speaker cables. Check with Radioshack for inexpensive option. However, if you can use the bare wire-it might give you the best performance. If you want new inexpensive cables/interconnects-try, or Or look for used cables at Agon. Good luck
I would visit a local dealer and have them put some pins on your cable. But, radio shack will be an alterntive solution. Another is to go to and order the pins and solder them yourself too. They maybe cheaper than radio shack. I'm using some Vampire Wire 12ga Hookup wire and with great resolution. Michael Percy was one of the few with it. It's called continious cast copper. The 18 gauge is readily available for under $1.50 per linear foot. Excellent cable. The 18 gauge is available direct from Vampire Wire.
I use the same Vampire Wire 12ga continuous cast non-descript speaker wire. I got mine directly from Sound Connections.