Cheap Interconnects from Hong Kong

I've noticed that interconnects on eBay seem to be listed quite a bit more cheaply than on other sites. I'm specifically looking at the Audioquest King Cobra.

Anyway, since most interconnects on eBay are shipped from Hong Kong, are there problems with these not always being genuine? I know HK sellers can be very competitive with generic stuff like USB cables, but I can't imagine how they'd be able to acquire AQ cables more cheaply than other sellers.

Anyone have experience buying interconnects on eBay?
It looks like the very same companies that moved their manufacturing to China are the ones crying counterfeit.

Last year there were a lot of Square D counterfeit circuit breakers being sold in the U.S. Well, I also went know for a fact that after Square D built their factory in China, they were told they cound not run a third shift.

Guess who ran the third shift in the new Square D factory? Yes, it was the Chinese Government who ran it using all of the Square D machinery. Is it any wonder that a great many of the Chinese circuit breakers found their way to the U.S. electrical supply houses.

Public owned companies here are obligated to make profits for their shareholders, they shut down U.S factories, and this is what we get in return.
The Kimber Kable is made in the USA. The KK cables from Hong Kong and China are inferior knock offs. Buyer beware.
I bought a pair of the CV-8 DBS 72 and columbia interconnects. No original packaging but the nice velvet bag. I am no expert but the cables looked pretty good to me. When I put them into my system they were really, really nice. I am not sure if they are fake or not but they seem genuine to me. My guess is there are some run off the assembly line as "extras" the person I bought them from was very responsive and shipping was fast. I don't trust the Chinese just as much as the next guy but these seemed O.K. to me.
Its getting so bad,there are "authentication" services now offered on ebay.
Just hit the "US Only" button on all your searches.
My worry is they will ship abunch here, and sell them here with a US address.
These are very bad times for audiophiles looking to upgrade, unless you buy from authorized dealers.
The only safe way anymore.
Recently bought some 72v Colorados on ebay from a US seller at a ridiculously low price, couldn't pass it up (the active audioquest would be harder to knock off I would think).
Bought the auction, and then the worry set in.
Did he buy it from China, got a fake, and decided to resell it?
Something to think about on the non actives(reselling after they bought knockoffs!).
Mine turned out to be real (If they could make them sound like mine do, they would be so rich they would not have to sell on ebay, or knockoff audioquest).
I would not chance it, buy from well known sellers or authorized dealers.
I found this thread after seeing a massive assault of XLO speaker cables from Hong Kong on eBay. Having owned (and still owning) a number of XLO speaker cables the fakes are just obvious to me. It reminded me of the book 'Blink' - trust your intuition. Why do the older cables - Ref 2, Pro 600 - have the anachronistic latest bananas? Even if the wire is real, is it even terminated in the right direction? It just makes me shudder. I'm going to Hong Kong soon, but don't intend to do much high-end audio shopping.