Cheap Trick compilations

It looks like there are four main Cheap Trick compilations on CD:

- The Greatest Hits (1991)
- Sex, America, Cheap Trick (1996)
- Authorized Greatest Hits (2000)
- The Essential Cheap Trick (2004)

Of you Cheap Trick fans out there who also own hi-rez systems, do any one of these compilations have better sonics than the others? Feel free to suggest others - Wikipedia lists 17 different compilations. If there is a good compilation on LP, I would prefer it and would like to hear about it. That said, I'm not a mega Cheap Trick fan and won't be spending big money to chase the ideal compilation, and mostly want to know which of the CD's sounds best so I can get a decent sounding CD of Cheap Trick songs into my collection.

Thank you