Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?

Hey everyone, I am looking for some cheap tweaks, i just got done putting in a inner tube under my componets as an isolation device, and it works great. What else would you reccomend?..i am also thinking of an inner tube under the spkrs, with some sort of device to keep them stable. What do you think of Rf blockers..etc Please leave comments on your tweaks and how they turned out. i am looking forward to trying some. Thanks all
Address your room acoustic problems.

Jon Risch DIY room accoustic products - the wall panels and bass traps. Best bang for the buck bar none.
ASC Tube Traps
There is no better time for listening to music than late at night, with the lights off.

Same theory as closing your eyes (see dancarne's recommendation), but more dramatic / effective.

AC line voltage is cleaner late at night (reduced RFI/EMI), since fewer people are using noise-producing devices.

Typical ambient noise is less - - quieter background.

Try it - - you'll love it - - it's great!
Yeah, No kidding!.. I always have my serious listening sessions at night. Its just alot better, less distractions, Not as hot as during the day. ( because i need to close my windows so the neighbors dont complain ).. even if they arent real close. They dont exactly put up with And on another subject, has anyone though of sonic differences while listing at different elevations?? Everyone here knows how sound is created i hope, well what do you think it would be like at sea level compared to up high where the air is thinner? Been kina boggling my mind about this lol.
I like Soft Touch "Bumpers" by Waxman. These are feet that stick to the underside of your equipment and sound exceptionally good. A package of 12 Bumpers runs about $2 and can be purchased at Walmart.
If you have dedicated circuts for your system try flipping every other breakers in your house to the off postion. You should hear a big drop in the noise floor and the soundstage will open up. The only problem is you will need to reset every clock in the house when you are done and of course you will need candle light. This is as cheap as it gets.