Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?

Hey everyone, I am looking for some cheap tweaks, i just got done putting in a inner tube under my componets as an isolation device, and it works great. What else would you reccomend?..i am also thinking of an inner tube under the spkrs, with some sort of device to keep them stable. What do you think of Rf blockers..etc Please leave comments on your tweaks and how they turned out. i am looking forward to trying some. Thanks all
I don't know why this works - but it does...

I was pondering the construction of spdif cables, some of which can get quite complex, but it made me wonder why, especially when LAN cables contain just four twisted pairs and carry digital signals for much further than most spdif cables do.

So I decided to make a 1/2 meter spdif cable from a piece of CAT6 LAN cable.

I simply connected an RCA to each end of just one twisted pair

The RCA's were not the regular variety, but from the KLE Innovations Harmony line of RCA's that, due to their high impedance, do not suffer the same issues as conventional RCA's when used on digital cables.

What really surprised me was this cheapo cable's level of performance...
- it was considerably better than my Van den Hul spdif cable
- it even outperformed a very expensive spdif cable on loan

Dynamics were much faster, the image more spacious and focussed, the clarity makes the smallest details easily heard, and the venue acoustics were simply the most realistic I've ever experienced.

Granted, the rca's are not what I would call cheap - but CAT6 cable is.

The Copper Harmony will probably suffice for most applications

I used the Pure Harmony, but the Silver Harmony would probably guarantee excellent performance on the highest sample rates currently used.

Currently I'm streaming up to 24/192 and it's the best I ever heard my digital rig sound.

The cost - around $60 + cost of CAT6

Note: I do use WBT 4% silver solder

Give it a whirl :-)
I git rid of almost all cables. I got rid of all power cords and went to battery power. I also got rid of all fuses and capacitors. It's gets even better. I also got rid of all transformers. I also got rid of many feet of internal wiring in electronics. And you just KNOW half of it was installed backwards.
I stayed on the grid.

I couldn't afford to sell my system at a loss and buy new gear.

Instead, I invested $40.00 dollars in some ERS cloths and did a bit of DIY to shield the wires inside my phono stage.

Not as dramatic a change as going to all battery power(I also considered that option a few years back),it has proven to be a beneficial improvement to my sound.

A not cheap tweak that improved my sound yet again, was the addition of a couple of QV2's.

We never had to do anything except plug it into the wall back when I started in audio in the late 70's.

I think cleaning up the power should be the first place to start when you are thinking about changing your gear because you've grown tired of the sound.
Just tried the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer they retail for $119 each. This is probably the lowest price ever for any Bybee product.
And you know what?.. It works great on Video and Audio!
I even put one in my breaker box over my dedicated room breakers.