Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?

Hey everyone, I am looking for some cheap tweaks, i just got done putting in a inner tube under my componets as an isolation device, and it works great. What else would you reccomend?..i am also thinking of an inner tube under the spkrs, with some sort of device to keep them stable. What do you think of Rf blockers..etc Please leave comments on your tweaks and how they turned out. i am looking forward to trying some. Thanks all
Justubes2, I also have great results with some of the WA Quantum Chips. The fuse ones, and the internal ones for transformers and capacitors, and some power cords work great, if you can keep them on. I have found no use for the speaker chips, and found those for pcs do nothing on HFC pcs.
I especially find that the power chip give the best overall improvement. Very powerful sounding and doest lean out certain frequencies.

Capacitor, fuse , transformer and ic chips add overall clarity but they towards a drier or leaner sound.

As for the cable chips i found least impact, but of a drfferent, smoother sounding.

Having tested the bybee, they are different. They do add clarity but found that it seems to impact the staging and dimensionality in the soundstage which i never experienced with the wa chips. Strangly, It seems to also have some impact to the sound of the room.

I need more testing as im not sure if it lose some dynamics or added some mellowness to some instruments and it gave the opposite effect on different type of music.
I have experienced similar things messing with power tweaks.

At first you really like what's going on.

Then you start to think that there is a bit of mellowing or smoothing out.
We wonder if something is missing in the music.

And that would be correct.

What's missing is the noise we sometimes think of as the way the music should sound.
Youre right, i used a non audiophile recording to tweak, massive improvement in there, just more detailed, dimensionl and impactful.

Listening with a audiophile recording fter left is a little too pure sounding or smooth.
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For a cheap tweak, get two unfinished Maple Shade 2" thick unfinished Maple platforms. Spike the platforms to the floor through the carpet. Then spike your speakers to the platforms. This was a terrific tweak in my system.

Replace the speaker's binding posts with Cardas copper binding posts.

Take the cover off of your amp, preamp and phono stage.

Keep in mind that the system is full of mico-vibrations. The more you do to damp them (within reason) the more clarity you'll get. Ultimately, the only thing we want vibrating is the stylus in the groove. So, if you use tube, get tube dampeners.

For CD's ... go to RAdioShack and buy a VCR tape eraser and use that to demag your CDs before playing them. Cheap and effective.

Buy a new turntable belt from Originlive. Amazing results from this ... and mine was $44.00 direct from the U.K.

Before a listening session, turn off all electrical devises in the home if possible. Don't forget to plug the refrigerator and freezer back in when you're done.

Clean all contacts with CAIG (red) contact cleaner, including the speaker spades. Finish up with CAIG's ProGold contact enhancer. Don't forget the tube pins. Oh, and the cartridge male leads as well.

Order the best tubes you can get. Here's the site I use: