Cheapest but good cables….

Ok, I’m setting up a little system, a Benchmark AHB2 and DAC3 HGC. I had old Kimber cables laying around but they are going to be too short. These are from 15 years ago and I’m sure they were good and expensive. However, I’ve been a bit skeptical about speaker cables and interconnects and was going to ask here if it’s all BS but I see an older thread where almost everybody agrees that quality cables are extremely important - duh, more money!

I don’t want to go overboard on twelve foot speaker cables but I don’t want to sell myself short neither after splashing out way more than I intended to on this system.

im looking for recommendations for the cheapest cables that I’ll barely hear a difference when comparing to expensive cables.

thanks in anticipation


Oh, and I’m looking for flexible cables that will lay kind of flat under a carpet. I had an old Naim preamp that could only be used with Naim cables and these were like trying to lay plastic water pipes - stiff and looping - I want to avoid that.

Cables are system dependent. So, without knowing which speakers you have, its hard to give you any meaningful advice.Also, you should take any such advice with ’two graints of salt’ if its provided by somebody who has not listen the combination of amp/speaker that you have.If you could try cables before buying, it would be best solution for you...perhaps loaning first from some friend or a friendly dealer or from Cable co. Do not hesitate to buy sh product...sometimes, older, discounted top models are worth finding...

@thomastrouble   read a couple of posts by member lak in the below linked thread , one of the posts also includes a review video . Maybe these will suit your taste and will satisfy your budget



System is Benchmark AHB2 with Benchmark DAC3 preamp. I have Totem 1 bookshelf speakers but may use Paradigm S2V2 after comparing.

Dont have the luxury of testing out different cables - I moved to Brazil and am bringing components here bit by bit. Cables will be about 12 feet maximum.