Cheapest but good cables….

Ok, I’m setting up a little system, a Benchmark AHB2 and DAC3 HGC. I had old Kimber cables laying around but they are going to be too short. These are from 15 years ago and I’m sure they were good and expensive. However, I’ve been a bit skeptical about speaker cables and interconnects and was going to ask here if it’s all BS but I see an older thread where almost everybody agrees that quality cables are extremely important - duh, more money!

I don’t want to go overboard on twelve foot speaker cables but I don’t want to sell myself short neither after splashing out way more than I intended to on this system.

im looking for recommendations for the cheapest cables that I’ll barely hear a difference when comparing to expensive cables.

thanks in anticipation


I have had great results with Audio-Envy cables.  The newest iterations are flat and their prices are very reasonable.  Cap Payne will help you with these.  He's a great guy and I believe he has a 30-day return policy too.  They're the best cables I've had so far in my system. 

Actually being used under carpet is one of the features highlighted on Nordost's website. I've used it quite successfully for years.

I have no experience with them, but Benchmark’s own cables seem to be reasonably priced, and are available with their preferred  somewhat non-standard for most residential use connectors.

I think BJC (Blue Jeans Cables) located near Seattle, WA, offers great cables without all the snake oil.  Made in Custom Lengths and they try to source US manufacturers for actual cables and connectors. My go-to cables for decades. I have never been disappointed. 

I recently purchased and am running a Don Sachs II preamp.  Love it.  Dons' pre amps do not run a balanced out put so I need a RCA interconnect.  Don recommended a cable called Ice Age Audio.  As a cable snob, I reluctantly ordered a four foot RCA IC, let it cook a couple of days on my cooker and then about 200 hours on a second system to burn it in....transferred it to my main rig and was very pleased to find I had lost nothing....micro details, soundstage spaciousness, air around sonic images, dynamics and tonality are all there.  This cable was $165.  less than an after market fuse!  Very impressive.