Cheapest but good cables….

Ok, I’m setting up a little system, a Benchmark AHB2 and DAC3 HGC. I had old Kimber cables laying around but they are going to be too short. These are from 15 years ago and I’m sure they were good and expensive. However, I’ve been a bit skeptical about speaker cables and interconnects and was going to ask here if it’s all BS but I see an older thread where almost everybody agrees that quality cables are extremely important - duh, more money!

I don’t want to go overboard on twelve foot speaker cables but I don’t want to sell myself short neither after splashing out way more than I intended to on this system.

im looking for recommendations for the cheapest cables that I’ll barely hear a difference when comparing to expensive cables.

thanks in anticipation


I use Canare Starquad and Mogami IC with Switchcraft and ETI RCA’s in an ESL / analogue system. For speaker cable, consider Goertz, which is flat, and optimal for many magnetic speakers (high capacitance, low inductance). Neither is expensive relative to the name brands.

I also have AQ Type 8 and Rocket 33s (the 33s used for a biwire experiment), both pairs too short for my current hifi setup but both of those sound great. Morrow SP4s are really nice also and mine were moved to my video rig. I use Canare 4S11s for my subs (easy to make a pair for RELs, and they’re nice cables especially if you can find the braided covered version). The Kimber 8PRs are better than any of these, although the Canare cable works better with Neutrik plugs.

These are moderately priced cables that perform beyond their price point and just might work well for your specific circumstances:

Goertz Cables & Audio Equipment | Bridgeport Magnetics

I'm not sure if it still holds, but they used offer free home trials. I strongly suggest ordering the RC networks (zobels) with the speaker cables.


You can check out 

They have a few brands such as Mogami,Canare,Van Damme,Gotham. They are cheap and seem to be well made.I have a pair of the Mogami interconnects and I don't have any complaints.