cheapest cable upgrade ever

I have recently been playing with a very cheap upgrade of signal carrying cables: Attach one or two 1.5V AAA batteries with the ‘-‘ pole in the direction of the signal’s source. Simple strapping on with electrical tape) suffices, no need to connect anything. The benefits are very audible. The weak electric field conditions the outer layer of the conductor to improve electron flow, resulting in a strong increase in transparency and dimensionality. This works particularly well on the digital cable going into the router and streamer as well as the speaker cables (on the latter ‘+’ alligns with plus and ‘-‘ with minus, i.e. two batteries per single post speaker.

At a minimum it is a low cost bit of fun


Hey @antigrunge2 thanks for sharing!  How many expensive tweaks get promoted here with dubious results?  This one’s darn near free so if it helps at all it’s a huge return on investment.  If not, take the battery off and use it somewhere else.  I fail to see the harm or the need for the snide comments toward someone who seems to genuinely be trying to help and with no benefit to himself for doing so.  Sheesh!

9v does have + and - next to each other, therefore allignment with the cable not possible. I use 2 Aaas per cable