Cheapest good sounding dvd player?

I want to watch and listen to some concert dvds but my little player produces very poor sound. What do you think is the cheapest available dvd player with better than minimal sound quality.
I do not need any 'features' beyond stereo rca outputs and rca 3-line video outputs.

star plus will be the best dvd player i ever heard under $150 ,, dont the name a brand fool you ,, this dvd player is very capable jazz sound with incredible speed and rhytmic ,, al di meola guitarist is so so good when the speed is needed ,, if you can find near your place , consider you are the luckiest man on earth ,,  anyone can help me  thanks for everyone who help me lately!

I recently donated my beloved Denon DVD1600 that was in storage for at least a decade.  This player had reference quality video playback.  You can find these used for under $100.

It’s discontinued so you have to buy it Pre-owned and it’s available on the cheap now …..and assuming you don’t need 4K video, then this is a terrific audio performer .

  1. Arcam FMJ BDP100 Blu-ray Player

I bought the Panasonic DP-UB820 recently to replace a Samsung DVD that did not have an analogue output as the Oppo's are discontinued. Very happy but the remote is fiddly and takes some getting used to. I have an OLED TV and the video and audio is much better than the Samsung it replaced, and now I can play CDs through by tube amp.

$425 at Crutchfield.