Check this might implode.

Searching through the net, found this site. If high efficiency speakers are your bag, check what these guys are doing. MOST LIKELY, it is going to sound terrible, but all of those guys out there with their "boom cars" complete with four JL 18" subs will probably wet their pants. For those of us who actually care what music sounds like, this'll be a good laugh.
They need a windmill farm for their dedicated power line. A separate building must house the cross-over for the subwoofer.
If portable, that horn subwoofer could be used as a serious weapon-- wouldn't even fit in an 18 wheeler though, and even if it did, would destroy the truck when fired up-- definitely not for Toyota's though. Is that "horn" supposed to have something to do with high end audio? Not in my county!!! Thanks, and Cheers. Craig.
I'd be very a'scared of launching that 1500 lb subwoofer compression chamber cover like the Hubble Telescope on a good Timpani roll. Yikes.
Sub Horn? Doesn't sub mean below? If this is the "below" model, I would hate to see the "top" one. I suppose the "top" one could be used to park your Ford Excursion in, with space to spare for your personal woodworking shop.
Yeah guys, I thought this was funny. These guys really are serious about that sub, too. I just wanna find out where it is...and so does the Russian government :)