Chi-Fi in the Time of Self-Righteous Indignation.

I have to say the timing of the folks over at eacoustics in impeccable.

So Kevin Deal at Upscale release his Video on Raven Audio giving us something to chew on in this forum and W. Jennings gives us this.



I know squirrels have a bad idea, storing for the winter. Where do you think the rats look at night. Where do the owls wait for supper? Where the squirrels bury their stash. Who is smarter the squirrel, the owl or the rat? Who wound up being supper? Who wound up eating supper?


Right there with you on that Global warming nonsense 👍


PS: I knew this old guy, he worked in the merchant navy in Europe in the late 1930’s. He saw Germany and the Brits getting ready for war, weapons being shipped all across Europe, tanks etc etc. He tried telling his family that war was coming and of course they thought he was out of his effin mind. Long story short, his entire family died in the conflict, and he was the only survivor.

Doom and gloom predictions are by nature, very doomy and very gloomy, they are not fun ✌


A good place to start would be asking our politicians to change labeling laws.  As an example, here in Canada, an item can be labeled "Product of Canada" so long as 51% of the manufacturing cost is spent in Canada.  So tomatoes grown in the US or Mexico, but processed and canned in Canada, can end of on the store shelf proudly labeled Product of Canada!!!  100% legal and 100% deceptive.  I can only assume the same nonsense goes on everywhere and in all kinds of products we buy.  Is it too much to ask to be told the truth about where things come from? 

Blame and recrimination, culture wars, politicizing everything=USA


Executing plan for global economic hegemony=China


America living in era of culture of complaint, getting nothing done is intention of many gvt. officials, millions of people have bought into this terrible idea.


China has big ideas, and the people follow, country of single minded intention, tell me who's going to win?